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CFP News May 2016

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 Get in for school physicals soon-  we have opened our schedule to accommodate quicker appointments.  Remember, 6th graders in Virginia are required to have an updated Tetanus/Whooping cough Booster in order to start the year.  Ask your medical provider about other immunizations that are recommended at the 11-12 year old check ups. 

Get ready for Zika Virus-  As of this time, there is no transmission of Zika virus by mosquitoes in Virginia- but there are people with Zika infection from travel to areas with Zika and women who have contracted the infection from sex with partners who had traveled to those areas.   The mosquito that transmits the virus is one that is in Virginia so there is concern we will have more issues with it once the mosquito season is in full force.  The best place to get information is from the official CDC site   For now, the most important thing is to minimize your mosquito exposure.  Remove standing water from around your home.  Use Mosquito “Dunks” in water like bird baths or rain barrels.  Use Deet type insect repellents when working or playing outdoors.  Pregnant women and their partners should avoid travel to areas where the Zika virus is reported.  The CDC site has all that information.

Please check out our  website.  Patient Portals are located on the right sidebar.  Patient Forms may be reviewed and downloaded from the above main menu bar.  Our Locations with directions are on the Contact Us page.   We will be providing updates often so please return and learn what is new about CFP.

Your Diet and Nutrition:  Learn more about how to enjoy a healthy diet from a recent article on our Medical Blog:  Diet and Nutrition

Blood Test Reference GuideWould you like to understand more about your Blood Test components?  This Blood Test Reference Guide will help.


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