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CFP News May 2016

Chickahominy Family Practice News _______________________________________   Get in for school physicals soon-  we have opened our schedule to accommodate quicker appointments.  Remember, 6th graders in Virginia are required to have an updated Tetanus/Whooping cough Booster in order to start the year.  Ask your medical provider about other immunizations that are recommended at the 11-12 year old check ups.  GetContinue Reading

Blood Test Reference Guide

Blood Test Reference Guide Doctors,  NPs, and PAs will often order Blood tests on a regular basis to monitor your health. The Blood chemistry test, also known as the Complete Metabolic Profile (CMP), measures some of the most important chemicals required and produced by your body to function properly.  These include Blood chemicals like thoseContinue Reading

Prevention & Wellness: Maintaining Your Health

Prevention & Wellness: Maintaining Your Health Do my habits really affect my health? Yes, very much so. All of the major causes of death (such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease and injury) can be prevented in part by making healthy lifestyle choices. Don’t smoke or use tobacco. Smoking and using tobacco are veryContinue Reading